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Causes of Urge Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a common problem for women, but it is treatable when you are able to identify the causes behind this issue. There are many different types of incontinence, including urge incontinence, which occurs when the urge to urinate arises quickly and without warning. This can make it difficult to get to the bathroom in time, leading to frequent accidents that can get in the way of your daily routine.

Urge incontinence takes place when the bladder spasms on its own as the body feels the need to urinate, regardless of the amount of urine actually in the bladder. As this process occurs, patients with urinary incontinence will be unable to control the urge. Older adults are most often affected by urge incontinence, especially those who have nerve-affecting disorders such as Alzheimer's or stroke. Very rarely, urge incontinence is an early sign of bladder cancer.

If you have experienced urinary incontinence of any kind, you will want to seek the compassionate women's healthcare of Desert West OBGYN. You can reach us for an appointment at (602) 903-4715, or visit us online for a closer look at our services in Anthem, Estrella, Glendale, Arrowhead, and Phoenix.

Questions to Ask Your OB About Labor and Delivery

When you are expecting, it is never too early in your pregnancy to start thinking about your labor and delivery. Asking plenty of questions during your visits with your obstetrician will help you get ready for labor and create a birth plan that works for your family. This article will offer a look at some key questions to bring up at your prenatal visits to plan for a safe and comfortable delivery.

What can I expect when I get to the hospital?

You should talk to your doctor about when it's time to go to the hospital as your due date approaches. It's also helpful to know what to expect once you get to the hospital in terms of admission and accommodations. Many hospitals will allow expecting parents to complete registration paperwork ahead of time, and this can reduce your stress on delivery day.

How can I manage pain during labor?

There are many different medications and natural methods for managing pain during labor and delivery, so it is important to ask your doctor about the full range of options available. Even if you have an idea of your preference before talking to your OB, it is beneficial to know about all of your options, should the need for an alternative method arise in the hospital.

What role will my partner have in the delivery room?

You'll want to know how many people you can have with you while you are in labor and in the delivery room and have an idea of what you can expect from your partner. You might ask whether your partner can cut the umbilical cord, whether siblings are allowed in the delivery room, or how your partner might serve as a labor coach.

With Desert West OBGYN, you'll have personalized prenatal care for a normal or high-risk pregnancy in Glendale, Anthem, Arrowhead, Estrella, and Phoenix. We offer a number of resources to help you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy, so give us a call at (602) 903-4715 to schedule a consultation.

Dealing with Swelling During Pregnancy

Swelling is a common effect of pregnancy, because the body is prone to retaining water during the later months of pregnancy. This video explains that swelling is generally not a big concern, so it can usually be handled with elevation of the feet, compression stockings, and a healthy diet. When swelling occurs early in pregnancy or is more significant in one side of the body, however, it is time to check in with the doctor. Swelling that takes place earlier in pregnancy can be a sign of preeclampsia, which can be very serious without the right medical care.

For the specialized care and resources you need during pregnancy, connect with Desert West OBGYN at (602) 903-4715. We have offices serving Glendale, Estrella, Anthem, Arrowhead, and the greater Phoenix area.

Reasons to Call Your Doctor About Your Period

Every woman will experience her menstrual cycle somewhat differently, so there is a wide range of what is considered normal when it comes to your monthly period. There are, however, some telltale signs that your cycle is abnormal, which might prompt you to call your OBGYN for an appointment. If you notice any of the symptoms listed below, you should not hesitate to talk to your doctor, since you may have a hormonal imbalance, fertility issues, or other treatable conditions causing these problems.

You have changes in your cycle

For most women, periods are predictable with the same duration and flow each month. If you begin to notice periods arriving more frequently with a cycle shorter than 21 days or you have a cycle longer than 35 days, you should call your doctor to explore the causes of these changes.

You have heavy menstrual bleeding

Some women have a naturally heavy flow, but there may be a problem when you have to change your pad or tampon once every hour or two. Using birth control is a highly effective way to reduce bleeding during your period and regulate your menstrual cycle.

You experience serious cramps

Conditions like endometriosis and uterine fibroids might cause severe menstrual cramps that can be disruptive to your daily routine. Your gynecologist can help you explore both medical and natural solutions that will reduce cramps and help you stay comfortable.

You do not have a period before age 17

Menstruation can begin throughout a wide age range, and some girls will not get their first period until age 15 or 16. If your daughter has not had a period by 17, however, you should see the gynecologist to make sure that there are no underlying issues causing late menstruation.

When you need gynecological care for menstrual irregularities or a birth control consultation, call Desert West OBGYN at (602) 903-4715. We have offices serving Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Estrella, Arrowhead, and Anthem.

Should You Take a Nutritional Supplement?

While your diet is the primary source of nutrients that nourish your body and support your health, you might find that changes like pregnancy and menopause can alter your nutritional needs and require you to begin taking nutritional supplements. At Desert West OBGYN, we often prescribe nutritional supplements to women going through these changes, so that they sustain the right levels of nutrients like folic acid, vitamin D, and calcium.

Before you begin taking nutritional supplements, you will want to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors to explore your unique nutritional needs and supplements that may benefit your health. During this visit, the doctor may order blood work to see if you have any vitamin deficiencies that could be causing symptoms like fatigue, unexpected weight loss, muscle weakness, and dizziness or lightheadedness.

If these symptoms are a problem for you, call (602) 903-4715 to schedule an appointment with Desert West OBGYN. Our offices serve the residents of Estrella, Anthem, Arrowhead, and Glendale with services including nutritional supplements, prenatal care, and hormone replacement.

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